Gearing up for December - 2016 Red Paddle Discount, Bravo Pump and Black Project

As I read the forecast for tonight (snow mixed with rain), I can not help remember the warm sunny days out on the water ;) But that is all right, there are plenty of things to look forward to next year and it is a safe bet some of it will include being out on the water!

Here are some of the exciting things happening at Red River Paddle:

  • By now I hope you caught our first thoughts on the 2017 Red Paddle Co range. If not, head over here to see what is new and exciting at Red Paddle. There is plenty to digest. We have some 2017 10'6 Ride in stock and if you are willing to wait 18 days for shipping, we can delivery 2017 10'8 Ride, 12'6 Explorer, 13'2 Explorer and the newly added 11'3 Sport.
  • Speaking of Red Paddle Co, we still have a great selection on 2016 Red Paddle co Boards and now at 15% off. Check out our sale here
  • Our very popular seller the Bravo BP 20 Electric pump is back in stock. This pump is ideal for all inflatable boards. Compact for travel and storage, and inflate a 10'6 Board to 15 psi in 4 minutes. That gives you enough time to get the rest of your gear ready and saves your energy for the water.
  • Just checked in with our supplier and our next batch of Black Project paddles are being readied at the factory and should arrive within the first 2 weeks of December. 
  • Our website is updated. Decided to refresh our website. Hope you enjoy it and hope it makes it easier to find out more about our products.


As always, we love to hear from your. Head over to our contact page. Just be gentle if you are going to talk about your warm vacations, I am still in transition mode ;)

Happy SUPing!


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