Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the questions we receive here at Red River Paddle:

Why Red River Paddle?
  • Great question! We are an independent online only store that focuses on inflatable watercrafts and accessories. When we decided to open our virtual doors, we had 2 values:
    1. Provide an excellent product at a great value. By teaming up with companies like Red Paddle and Black Project we are providing the best of the best. When you pair that with promotions such as our $79 Fibreglass 3-piece paddle and SUP leash, we believe you have the best deal in Canada.
    2. Provide excellent before and after service. We are an online store and therefore naturally at a disadvantage. But that does not stop us from answering all of your questions, making recommendations, providing excellent information on our website and following up after the purchase to ask how things are going. But do not take my word for it, here are some of the comments we received from our customers:
    "Will be sure to write a review on the awesome service when we have a moment."
    "Thanks for following up."
    "Wow! now that's service"
    "Thanks so much for such incredible customer service! "
How long does it take to receive my board/accessory?
  • Each product has an availability status. Here is what they mean:
    • In Stock. Will ship within 2 business days - We have the product in our warehouse. Usually ships the next business day (sometimes even that day if the order is placed prior to 8am CST). We usually choose Purolator, and although not guaranteed Purolator on average delivers it on the 3rd day. We also have an expedite option that costs around $30 that can get there in 2 business days to most places. Contact us to find out more.
    • In Stock. Please allow 10 days delivery to your door - We have access to this product from our supplier or it is directly shipped from our supplier. Most of the time the order is processed the following business day and has 5 business days shipping. So, chances are you can receive it within 7 days.
    • Please allow up to 18 days delivery to your door - Pretty similar to the above status but the product is coming to us first. Usually it is a 2-week turnaround time from supplier to your door. But please contact us if you need it sooner, chances are we might be able to accommodate.
    • Currently Out of Stock - Unfortunately we are out of stock and so is our supplier. If it is early in the season, chances are more will come in, but later on in the season is less likely.
    • Pre-Order - For up and coming products, we sometimes take pre-orders where you will pay for the board to reserve it and we will provide ongoing updates as to when it will be shipped.
    If you are in Winnipeg or the surrounding area, we can arrange pickup any time. Sometimes even the same day.
    We supply tracking numbers on all orders and follow up with you to make sure the product arrives on time. Our goal is to get you on the water as quick as we can. So we will try our hardest (even to vacation destinations in the past) to make that happen!
Is it really free Shipping?
  • Yes free shipping to anywhere in Canada. So that equates to a $55-$75 in savings.
Where are you Location?
  • We are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The center of Canada, within easy reach to ship coast to coast. 
Where are Red Paddle Co boards manufactured?
  • Red Paddle Co boards are developed in the UK and manufactured in China. 
What if a board is out of stock?
  • When a board is out of stock it usually means we are not sure if we can bring in more or it is Special Order. Contact us to find out more.
What is the warranty on Red Paddle Co Boards?
  • Red Paddle Co has a 5-year manufacturing warranty (when you register the board within 3 months of purchasing). It is handled by Red Paddle. But if you have any issues with defects or repairs let us know and we can let you know how to proceed.

Did we miss a question? You can always contact us or message us on Facebook. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have and usually can answer within an hour.