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Bravo BP12 22 PSI Electric Pump Review and Instructional

The Bravo BP12 22 PSI Electric pump made by Scoprega is one of the only electric pumps specifically made for an inflatable SUP. Therefore it is no surprise we had to bring some in to try out. Connecting to a car battery via the 12V alligator clips, the pump can provide 160l/min up to maximum 22 psi. Because you set the psi on the pump, it will automatically stop when it is done. The Schrader valve fitting is already attached to the hose and is the standard value type for most inflatable boards (including all Red Paddle Co). Everything comes in a carry bag for easy storage. You can easily pump up to 2 boards back to back. Recommended continuous...

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Red Paddle Dry Bag Review

I’m a big  fan of dry bags and have been using them for years. Before discovering SUP, I’ve brought them on canoe trips, kayak expeditions, bike trips, car camping . . . pretty much everything outside where having your stuff protected from water is helpful. My first dry bag was an impulse buy at Superstore almost 10 years ago. On sale at the end of the season, it was bright yellow and I thought “Hmmm . . . why not?” Soon after it became an indispensible part of my outdoor gear. Last year I bought another dry bag so I’d have two but I didn’t like the new one nearly as much as my old yellow one. Somehow my old...

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Black Project PURE Review

We are super excited to be carrying Black Project premium carbon paddles. Black Project has been a bit of a revelation for us – and has completely changed our paddling experience. We’ve been test driving the Black Project PURE Travel and below is a review. The Black Project EPIC Travel is even lighter (625 grams for the EPIC vs 707 grams for the PURE) and is dressed in full stealth black and comes with "the guncase" a great carrying bag worthy of such a great paddle.  But back to the PURE...   Black Project PURE Travel (three piece) Paddle Review Lightness – I started with my thoughts on weight because these paddles are incredibly light, almost preposterously light. When I unpacked...

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