Bravo BP12 22 PSI Electric Pump Review and Instructional

The Bravo BP12 22 PSI Electric pump made by Scoprega is one of the only electric pumps specifically made for an inflatable SUP. Therefore it is no surprise we had to bring some in to try out.

Connecting to a car battery via the 12V alligator clips, the pump can provide 160l/min up to maximum 22 psi. Because you set the psi on the pump, it will automatically stop when it is done. The Schrader valve fitting is already attached to the hose and is the standard value type for most inflatable boards (including all Red Paddle Co). Everything comes in a carry bag for easy storage.

You can easily pump up to 2 boards back to back. Recommended continuous runtime is around 15min before it needs to cool down (the hose will get very hot).

In our testing we can pump a 10'6 Ride to 22 PSI in just over 5 min and a 13'2 Explorer to 22 PSI in 9 min.

Bravo HoseThere are some cons. We did not like Schrader valve fitting because it still had the cross bar in it (see picture, left is Bravo hose and right is the Titan Pump hose) This cross piece pushes down on the center pin, and will lock it in the down position. When you detach the hose, sometimes the center pin stays in the locked position and therefore start to deflate the boards (and lose a lot of psi in a couple of seconds!)
You can gently attach/detach the hose but I find you just never know, and when it is time to detach you are always wondering what is going to happen. We found by taking out that cross piece with a tool solves that issue pretty fast.

Another con is inherently with all electric pumps, it is loud. It is to be expected and really no way around it. But it takes away some of that vibe of going out into the open air, finding that perfect spot where you hear the wild life in the distance and that water is just calling your name. And then you start this pump and see the birds flock away as if there was a gun shot (ok, maybe exaggerating but you get the picture). Obviously it wasn't all roses before either as you would have heard me huffing and puffing getting that board up to 22 psi ;)

Along those same lines, and maybe this one has some merit is you have to inflate close to your vehicle. There is a portable battery pack as an optional purchase, but the base model uses that vehicle battery.

We have been enjoying our pump. It has changed the game for us. It gives us a little more energy out on the water, and gives us some time to multitask as the boards are inflating.

You can find more about this pump and how to purchase here. Also check out the instructional video below.


  • Inflates your board to 22 psi
  • Inflation time is pretty close to manual pumping
  • Great for people who struggle with manual pumping


  • Cross bar piece sometimes takes practice to get it right when attaching/detaching hose.
  • As all electric pumps, it is loud.
  • Must inflate close to vehicle (if you do not purchase the extra portable battery pack)
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