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Red Paddle

Red Paddle Titan II SUP Pump

Red Paddle Titan II SUP Pump

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More paddling less pumping – improved!

  • Twin chamber technology easily cuts time and effort needed to inflate your board
  • Pumps air out at an incredible 60 mph to ensure quick and powerful inflation
  • Isolation cap allows switch to single pump when inflating to a high PSI, markedly reducing effort
  • Designed for disassembly for easy maintenance and simple replacement of parts
  • Integrated pressure gauge displays an accurate reading of PSI while inflating
  • Multi-use across different inflatables such as air mattresses, boats, and kayaks
The Titan II Pump is the world's first purpose-built, double chamber SUP pump and we've updated it to make it even more compact and functional. It's designed to cut the amount of time and effort it takes to inflate your board by half. Constant innovation has led to us continually testing all manners of inflation technology and as such, we're confident that there's nothing quite like the Titan II pump on the market.

The Dual Cylinder system, combined with the Hi Flo handle means you are in complete control of the energy used to inflate your board. It puts the volume into your board faster and reduces the effort required to reach a higher pressure.


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