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Black Project

Black Project MALIKO Race Fin

Black Project MALIKO Race Fin

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MALIKO v2 Pro Carbon SUP Race Fin
Increased Stability, Tracking & Speed in Choppy & Weed Filled Waters


The Maliko SUP race fin offers increased stability, enhanced tracking and exceptional speed especially in choppy, shallow or weed filled water. The Maliko is highly recommended for downwind and ocean races as well as long distance paddling on flatter water. The 45 degree rake is designed to shed weed, kelp and trash. The Maliko is best suited for intermediate to advanced level stand up paddlers, this is the ideal fin to add stability and tracking to a narrow race board.

The Maliko stand up paddle race fin has been winning races and dominating podiums around the world. The fin uses a unique and proprietary stand up paddle foil to generate increased lift while adding stability, improved tracking and efficiency so that every stroke you take is translated into forward motion. To develop this very special SUP race fin we worked closely with our head SUP race fin tester Bart de Zwart. Aptly named after the start of the world renowned downwind course on the Northern coast of Maui the Maliko Gulch which hosts both the Paddle IMUA and Olukai races. In 2014 the Maliko won races across the world with Ryan James and Joanne Hamilton-Vale both claiming the 2014 UK race titles in a range of conditions.

Bart de Zwart used the Maliko race fin to smash the Non-Stop 11 Cities SUP race record which helped to underline the fin’s pure speed and efficiency on flat water. On a downwinder the increased lift generated by the thicker and unique foil will give you the power to catch more swells. The proprietary foil is one of many features which set this SUP race fin apart from any other and the reason behind much of the dominance of the Maliko fin.

During glides this SUP race fin helps you maintain speed and maneuverability to connect the glides which helps to dramatically increase average speed and translates into race winning performance.

The Maliko SUP race fin design has more area concentrated towards the tip of the fin to help with stability and the laminar flow foil has an extremely low drag to lift ratio to help promote fast runs. The 45 degree leading edge helps to ensure that no sea grass, weed or trash slows you down. The exceptional tracking of this fin helps you keep your board true and allows for more stokes before switching sides. Collectively the features of the Maliko when combined ensure that you are going to paddle faster, with less effort and for longer than ever before.

The newly introduced Pro Carbon construction uses RTM molding technology to produce the lightest fin possible at only 200 grams (7 ounces) while maintaining excellent stiffness and strength. This version of the Maliko is made for Red Paddle boards (surf box style).

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