Red Paddle Co 2 Year Warranty

Starting in 2018, Red Paddle Co has doubled their warranty for all 2018 and beyond inflatable stand up paddle boards from 1 year to 2 years. This warranty protects you against any manufacturing defects.

Extending the warranty to 2 years helps with confidence in the quality of their boards. Red Paddle already boasts a low manufacture defect rate, and since they introduced MSL fusion tech in all their boards, that number is even lower. So it makes sense to bring the warranty to 24 months.

There is a small catch, the extra 12 months of warranty is a free upgrade when you register your board (again, only on 2018 models and above). Registration is quick and can be done by filling out this form from their website.

This is but only 1 more reason why Red is a step ahead of the rest. To find out why, visit our Red Vs Rest post.

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