Red vs Rest

Red vs Rest

Why Red Paddle Co.? The stand-up paddleboard market has exploded over the past couple of years. When you can find a SUP at Costco or Walmart, you know you have hit the big leagues. And, having our own store, we receive quite a few emails from manufacturers about 'quality' SUP boards that want to make it to our product pages. So how does Red Paddle Co stand out from the rest and why did we choose to carry Red Paddle Co boards over the many other inflatable boards on the market? Here are 3 reasons:

  1. All they do are inflatables. Because they focus on inflatable boards only, they spend all their energy, time and money on great tech for their boards. Here are some of them:
    • RSS - patented batons that slip into the side of the board making it stiffer at less PSI.
    • Titan Pump - a dual chamber pump that allows to quickly get to 7 psi and then switch it to a single chamber to finish it off.
    • MSL - a new improved manufacturing process that produces a more consistent build, while using less glue to make the board lighter.
    • Details - from small touches to the deck pad, to nice embossed handles. Red Paddle refines their board (and uses that same process for their accessories)
    • Board bag - best in the industry. Integrated wheels, internal pockets/straps for gear, reflective lining to keep the board cool and within size dimension specs for air travel.

  2. They are proven. Numerous awards from Outdoor Magazine 2017, Backpacker Magazine 2017, Men's Journal 2016, SUP Connect 2016

  3. They stand behind their products. Red Paddle truly wants to get you out on the water as quickly as possible. They are quick to help the customer out if there are any issues, and available if there are questions that need to be answered. With industry leading 5 years of warranty, you can have confidence in their boards.
Red Paddle Co released a video highlighting how they set themselves apart from the rest or you can find out more by going to Red Paddle Co official website at

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