Why Inflatable SUP?

Why Inflatable SUP?

Why Inflatable Standup Paddleboards? There are many options out there from plastic to high-performance fiberglass. Inflatables offer some unique advantages that the others can not necessarily provide. Here are just 3 of them:

  1. They deflate. This means you can pack them up. So traveling to places (planes, trains and automobiles) or storing them for the winter is easier when you can deflate it, roll it up and pack it away.
  2. They are durable. When you can drive a front-end loader on top of it you know it can take some pressure. Also, not worrying about bumping another rider (by accident of course) or hitting that low spot on the river, or bouncing off those rocks in the rapids. Only inflatables can survive all of that.
  3. They are safer. Although they can be very rigid and stiff, if you happen to fall (which we all do from time to time) having an inflatable SUP hit you is a lot less painful.

There are some advantages to fiberglass boards:

  1. Maneuverability. Although inflatable paddleboards have come a long way, fiberglass boards can be shaped for responsiveness
  2. Flex. If you jump on an inflatable paddleboard, you will have that bounce. Because fiberglass boards do not have this bounce, they tend to be more rigid and therefore be more responsive. 


For the vast majority of casual to experienced paddleboarders, the pros outweigh the cons. And, with advancements that Red Paddle is making such as stiffer boards, RSS and FFC they are making strides to compete with their fiberglass siblings.


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