Gearing Up For May: Ram Mounts, Bravo Paddles, and more!

Spring is officially here!  Have you been out exploring on the water yet?  We can't think of a better way to enjoy our beautiful country.  Here's a few of the new things we're excited about at Red River Paddle:

  • 2017 Red Paddle Co Boards are fully stocked! Not only do we have the best value on Red Paddle Co in Canada (with our free paddle/leash/shipping), we also have some of the best selection - in stock.  We have plenty of Red Paddle 10'6's, 10'8's, and 12'6 Explorers - as well as many favourite specialty boards like the 10'7 Ride Windsup.  And if we run out of something - contact us - we'll get it very quickly for you.
  • Introducing Ram Mounts! New for 2017 is the addition of Ram Mounts on all Red Paddle Co boards.  These mounting points on the front of every board allow you to attach GoPro's, smartphones, fishing rods, or even cup holders!  Check out our product pages for info, specs, and some excellent videos.  Also, feel free to contact us to find out what Ram Mount accessories will work best for you and we can include them with your new board. 
  • Coming Soon: Bravo Alloy and Fibreglass Paddles. In May we'll receive our shipment of Bravo value paddles.  These alloy and fibreglass paddles are the highest quality value paddles we could find and are excellent choices for someone on a budget who doesn't want to sacrifice quality and durability.
  • SUP Camping Guide. Most of us have tried camping, but have you tried SUP camping yet?  If not, head over to our new SUP Camping Info page to get started.  Or, if you are an experienced SUP camper, please email us your tips and comments - we aim to continually update this page to make this page the go-to resource for SUP camping in Canada.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via Facebook or our contact form.

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