Revolutionary: All New 2018 Red Paddle Co 15'0" Voyager TANDEM

And now for something completely different!

Tandem in action

In the world of inflatable SUP's there are two main categories - solo SUPs and large multi-person SUPs.  The 2018 15'0" Voyager Tandem fits nicely in-between these two categories, and creates a third one - the tandem category.  

With a huge 8-inch (200mm) thickness and a 34 inch width, the Voyager Tandem nicely fills the gap between solo paddling and “party SUP's” such as the 17-foot Red Paddle Co Ride XL which can handle up to 8 paddlers.  As you can imagine the Ride XL is not very quick and agile.  The Voyager Tandem allows two people to enjoy exploring together yet still have decent speed and space for touring.

What we are excited about is the sheer versatility of this board.  You can paddle this board solo when needed, but it's genius is that it's the perfect size for two and plenty of gear.  Or let's say you want to introduce someone  to the sport, you can take them along allowing them to sit, stand, or paddle as they feel comfortable.  For those of us with smaller children - some who would like to be out on the water but not do too much paddling - the extra stability of the board means they'll feel more safe and can join in paddling duties when they wish to.  Lastly, for some paddlers whose partners are not as excited about long paddles, or who might have injuries, this board is the perfect solution to spend quality time out on the water together.  We can just imagine a romantic paddle down a river together as the sun sets in the East (cue romantic music).  

Tandem in action

Though pricier then a solo board (yet more economical then buying two solo boards) - Red Paddle has made sure to outfit this board with plenty of great features.  Two “deck pads” with side handles allow paddlers to position themselves on the board for optimum paddling, while two sets of bungee-deck lacing with d-rings provide ample storage space for camping gear. Three more carry handles – front, back and center for a total of seven – provide numerous carrying configurations and more spots to attach gear.

The new Voyager Tandem includes two pumps - to make inflation easier. Two military valves (instead of one two people to pump up the board at the same time. The board also comes with a slightly enlarged Red Paddle Original All-Terrain Backpack and like all Red Paddle boards includes a repair kit, removable US Box fin and bonus cell-phone case.

The Voyager Tandem  retails for $2499 and is available now though supplies are limited. If you'd like one for the Spring or Summer we highly recommend you pre-order one with us to that you won't be disappointed. Also, exclusive to Red River Paddle, each Voyager Tandem comes with 2 paddles and 2 SUP leashes - making this great board even better of a deal.  

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