Project X Revealed: The 2019 Red Paddle Co Compact 9'6

Project X Revealed: The 2019 Red Paddle Co Compact 9'6

10 years in the making, the new 2019 Red Paddle Co 9'6 has finally arrived!  Red  Paddle says this is the future of paddle boarding and has been keeping this very secret until the official release.  So secret that it was referred to as "Project X" internally.  The new board contains several new innovations and technologies - and promises new adventure possibilities.  By cutting the packed size of the board in half Red Paddle has managed a feat that no other SUP manufacturer has been able to do and we think they are justifiably proud of their achievement.  Weight and packed size matter and Red Paddle has fired a warning shot across the bow of their competitors with this technological leap.  Here's our overview of everything you need to know about the newest and greatest thing in inflatable paddle boards!


So, what is it?  The 9'6 Compact is the first in a new category of iSUP's - ultraportable. Using a patented PACT Technology and a unique double stitch weave the Red Paddle Co 9’6 Compact cannot just be rolled up - but folded first - packing 50% smaller than a Red Paddle Co 10’6 Ride.  The Compact weighs a super-light 8.5kg (18.7 pounds)!  It also comes with a brand new dedicated backpack board bag that measures only 560mm (22 inches) high with the most ergonomic fit (i.e. most comfortable to carry) of any SUP inflatable board available making the opportunities for travel with Compact 9’6 almost limitless - especially as the backpack also houses a brand new 5 piece Carbon Nylon paddle (and Red Paddle Co’s famous Titan Pump). And yes, the paddle comes included with the Compact.  Overall this results in the most portable inflatable stand up paddleboard ever produced– it's the perfect travel SUP.  Perfect for taking on longer hikes, on a plane, stowing on a sailboat - the possibilities are endless!

The Board

The Red Paddle Compact 9'6 has all the durability and practicality of Red's famous iSup lineup - just in a smaller, lighter, and easier to pack form.  Here's how it works and what makes it possible:

Unpack: PACT™ technology features a completely new (and patented) durable material with a high-resolution thread matrix that is strong but malleable to ensure easy packing.  

Unroll: The board, like all Red Paddle Co boards, wraps around itself and the Titan pump.

Unfold: The split deck pad and offset valve creates a ‘living hinge’ in the board, allowing the board to fold easily down the middle which decreases its footprint.

Even the fins have been redesigned and are only available with the new 9’6”Compact.

They use a simple click fin system with a second screw for added security. The two offset fin boxes themselves are also compatible with standard FCS fins, so you can customize the feel of your board on the water.  This is a really nice feature


Length: 9’6” Width: 32“/813mm

Thickness: 4.7”/120mm

Volume: 222 litres

Rider Weight: up to 95kg/209lb

Full package weight: 12.7Kg

The Bag

All new and highly engineered to offer unprecedented levels of adjustability and comfort, it's been designed from the ground up for incredible shoulder and back support. Red Paddle considers it the most highly engineered SUP bag on the planet, and as it applies approximately 53% less downforce on the carrier’s lower back compared to Red's other backpack board bags, you can travel for longer in comfort. With customizable lumbar support and adjustable height features, it’s suitable for almost any size of a paddler. Some other nice features:

  • Tubular closed cell padding on the handles
  • Concentrated shoulder padding
  • Brushed cotton shoulder and back cushioning
  • Adjustable shoulder straps

All these features combine to make it very easy to carry, whether you’re on a short walk to the water or off on an epic hike.

Bag Height: 560mm/22 inches  | Width: 420mm/16.5 inches | Depth: 280mm/11 inches

The Paddle

With a smaller backpack board bag, standard three piece travel paddles won't fit.  To solve this problem the engineers at Red Paddle came up with a custom solution.  Creating a compact paddle to fit in the new, smaller bag was challenging, but Red found an innovative solution: the world's first five-piece SUP paddle!

The result is a light weight carbon/nylon paddle that packs perfectly into the board bag but is still adjustable, but with no compromises in paddling performance.

MATERIAL: The shaft is made of high-modulus carbon for extra rigidity and is paired with a durable pure nylon blade.

ECO FRIENDLY AND DURABLE GRAPHICS:  The Nylon blade of the paddle is laser etched, with no printing, chemicals or transfers and produced with a single pure material. This means the design will stay on forever, resulting in no fading or tearing of the graphics.  In 5 years the blade graphics will look as good as it did the first day you dipped it in the water.

ASSEMBLY: A new anti-twist adjustment system with 45 degrees cut push-pin technology has resulted in our most compact paddle yet.

Conclusion: Red Paddle has brought together several new technologies to create an inflatable paddle board, bag, and paddle that are perfect for travellers.  Unless you weigh over 200 pounds, we expect that this will be a great fit for adventurers and explorers who want the benefits of a lighter, smaller board but aren't willing to sacrifice quality and excellent handling characteristics.  We expect full stock in March 2019 but we'll be getting our first one in September and will hopefully get access to few more before March.  Let us know if you have any questions and if you want to reserve one, the stock will be quite limited at first!

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