Park Reservations - Where and When

Park Reservations - Where and When

Although we are in January, the 2018 summer parks reservation system is either in full swing or about it open. This means great opportunities to book that excellent site to explore the lakes and rivers at a Provincial or National park.

Below are the start dates on when the 2018 summer season reservation system is live.

National Parks - (website)

Parks Canada has a staggered opening by province. Below are the live dates for 2018

  • British Columbia - January 3rd
  • Alberta - January 10th
  • Saskatchewan - January 12th
  • Manitoba - January 15th
  • Ontario - January 16th
  • Quebec - January 18th
  • New Brunswick - January 19th
  • Prince Edward Island - January 22nd
  • Nova Scotia - January 22nd
  • Newfoundland and Labrador - January 23rd

Provincial Parks

Provincial Parks start date differs from province to province. (links take you to the reservation system)

  • British Columbia moved to a 4 month rolling window. So July 1st reservations would be open on March 1st for example.
  •  Alberta opens February 20th
  • Saskatchewan has a lottery system where from January 1st to February 1st you can select your camping dates for the summer. On February 5th they draw to award campsites. Registration opens to all after that.
  • Manitoba has a staggered registration. Cabins, yurts, group-use and all Birds Hill campsites are open March 19th, then some more campsites on April 2nd, with the remainder April 4th.
  • Ontario has a 5 month rolling window. So July 1st reservations would be open on February 1st for example.
  • Quebec, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island are open now
  • Nova Scotia opens April 2nd
  • Newfoundland and Labrador - I could not find any information, but it is currently (as of this post) closed.


Whether is it a day trip, or a week long vacation. I encourage you to explore this great country and all that it has to offer. I know we plan to!

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