New and Newsworthy: Red Paddle Co's 2022 Lineup

October 28, 2021

Red Paddle Co has released their updated and improved lineup for 2022 - and there are many exciting new features - and two new boards!   Let's dive in and see what's new this year:


In their continued quest for perpetual improvement, Red Paddle Co has tweaked the lineup with some great new features: 

  • All New Red Paddle Co 12' Compact.  A new touring friendly model of the Compact with all new carry bag.
  • All New Red Paddle Co 12' Voyager.  A new touring board with all the Voyager goodness - perfect for smaller paddlers.
  • New ATB "Transformer" Backpack: new sculpted bottom hulls added to the Voyager boards for improved glide and more stable traction on the water.
  • Updated Click Fins & Graphics on Compact Lineup: Updated colours on the Compacts - plus click fin is now more secure.
  • Updated Flat Bungee/Adjustable lower Bungie: new standard upgrade on all boards -provides extra storage and a cleaner streamlined look.
  • New Paddles: Red Paddle has upgraded and renamed their lineup - as well as offering some paddles with 2 colour choices to match your board.


1. New Board: Red Paddle 12' Compact.

The revolutionary Compact lineup gets a long awaited addition!  For those paddlers wanting to do longer adventures and expeditions, the new 12' Compact is a gamechanger. It combines the practicality of a board that folds down to half the size of an average board with the length and superior tracking of a longer touring style SUP. The 12 foot length makes this board ideal for the ultimate explorer who wants to explore the world with their SUP. Designed with a drawn out shape to increase glide, the 12'0 Compact is ideal for paddlers who want to explore without limitation. The increased volume make this board an ideal exploring and touring board, designed for competent paddlers.

Like all Compact series board, it features quad stringer tensioning system, giving maximum rigidity, while the split deck pad means the board is easier than ever to fold and roll away into a super small package, making it by far the most transportable adventure SUP on the market. The board has a super-strong but supple outer layer that can be packed away neatly in its unique Compact backpack. Ergonomic tubular handles on all boards to give a cushioned, comfy grip when carrying your board.


2. New Board: Red Paddle Co 12' Voyager.  

A new touring board with all the Voyager goodness - perfect for smaller paddlers. The all new 2022 12'0 Voyager has been designed with a more petite paddler in mind. The length and thickness (4.7 inches) make it an ideal board for lighter paddlers who want to go on longer adventures. The decreased length (12 feet), thickness  (4.7 inches), and width (28 inches) compared to the rest of the Voyager line makes for extra agility and easier paddling for shorter or lighter paddlers. The total weight limit is 240 pounds. 

Like the rest of the voyager series, the 12' Voyager features, the patented RSS system makes this board stiffer at lower pressures compared to other boards on the market, a removable dual fin system by FCS, and the groundbreaking displacement V-shaped hull on the nose of the Voyager which breaks the surface tension of the water and keeps you gliding through your paddle stroke. You'll feel extra confident paddling out on your next adventure on this exceptional new board.  


3. New ATB "Transformer" Backpack

Red Paddle continues to innovate as they introducing a total redesign of our their all terrain backpack (ATB) that offers a new bagless carry system. This skeleton system means you can access more remote waterways without the need for a bulky bag and just take the straps and your pump. When using the bag, larger all terrain wheels make handling difficult terrain a breeze.  The refined anthropometric design is able to be fully customized to a paddlers height so you can take better care of your body while under load. New large exterior pockets are designed to fit any quick to grab essentials and a practical velcro interior pocket means your paddle blade is kept safe and secure. The interior lining has a stylish Red repeater pattern and is water resistant to cut minimize any intrusive dampness. There is also additional internal storage for small items and keeping your repair kit on hand.  These new backpacks will be standard equipment on all boards except the Compact line.



4. New Colours/Updated Click Fin on the Compacts

Red Paddle updated the colours and graphics on the innovative Compact line to help them better stand out from more conventional paddle boards.  The result is a nifty Nimbus Grey Outer Shell with colour highlights that really pop.  Red Paddle has also updated the exclusive to the compact line click fin, making it even more secure and easy to use.


5. Updated Flat Bungee/Adjustable lower Bungie

All boards now have a new and improved adjustable cargo system made up of three flat adjustable bungee straps. The bottom two straps are closer together, making it easier and more convenient to store smaller items. A twin d-ring locking system allows easy adjustment and release - and the small loop is perfect for water bottle storage. Overall this update really improves the reinforced cargo point so you can more easily strap on enough gear for any aquatic adventure.




6.  New Paddle Range

New paddles, names, technology, and colours!  New features include Leash Connection System, designed to keep blade and mid section tethered together for convenience and easy set up. It’s straightforward to use, making Red's three piece paddles even easier to assemble.  Pls it's removable. Also new for 2022 - Interference Fit Hardware. All paddles are now composed of non-glued components meaning every piece of your paddle is both replaceable and recyclable - easier to service and better fro the planet. Here are the new paddles:

  • Cruiser Tough. A durable and reliable paddle, perfect for beginners. The Cruiser Tough is designed to reliably take you further. The natural flex and lighter weight of the fibreglass shaft enables a gentler transfer of energy while paddling. The nylon blade remains rigid thanks to the structural reinforcements throughout the blade. The rigidity of the blade combined with the flexibility of the fibreglass shaft and overall lightweight feel makes the Cruiser Tough an excellent starter paddle.
  • Hybrid Tough. Both lightweight and quick at a great price point, these new paddles are available in two colours (classic blue and special edition purple). With a durable design that's ideal for rivers and shallow paddling, the Hybrid Tough paddle has a rigid and durable nylon blade combined with the flexibility of a hybrid carbon/fibreglass shaft. The Hybrid Tough is available in blue and purple, so you can match your paddle to your board. Laser etching means that the design will last as long as your paddle does.
  • Hybrid Tough Carbon. The Hybrid Adjustable SUP Paddle (available in blue or purple) is a dynamic, highly responsive paddle that upgrades the shaft material.  Utilizing a carbon weave for greater strength, this paddle is lightweight and super fast. Features a hybrid glass fibre and carbon laminate to deliver dynamic flex in the shaft.
  • Prime Tough. Lightweight with a tough and durable blade, available in blue and purple. This performance paddle's carbon weave allows for greater strength while keeping the paddle super light and responsive. The blade shape is an advanced teardrop design with a single dihedral blade face. This allows water to flow evenly off each side creating a smooth and stable stroke, whilst the double concave offers the user to really put the power down. Prime paddle is manufactured from forged carbon fibre. The fibers contain intertwined and folded sheets of carbon atoms aligned with the length of the fiber, and the intertwining improves the fiber strength.
  • Prime Carbon. For those looking to advance their paddling performance. Our Prime Lightweight SUP Paddle is available in blue and purple, so you can match your paddle to your board. Laser etching means that the design will last as long as your paddle does.This performance paddle uses a carbon weave for greater strength whilst keeping the paddle super light and responsive.  A lighter upgrade of the Prime Tough paddle.

As you can see - lots of upgrades, new technology, and new boards make this an exciting year.  Plus - all boards still come with the industry leading 5-year warranty!  Click here to see what's in stock.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the new lineup or paddle boarding in general.  

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