Introducing the Black Project Lava 90% Carbon 3 Piece Paddle

Black Project Lava
Black Project released this year the successor to the already popular EPIC carbon paddle. The Lava. 

Keeping with the same design principals as their other paddles, Black Project wanted to produce a light yet strong performance paddle that can be used in any water. They kept their Hex joint system that gives the paddle zero movement and more of a solid 1 piece paddle feel. But they shaved off 35 grams of weight and added a zero twist handle. The zero twist handle is a welcome addition. This provides a quick way to adjust the height of the paddle without worrying about lining it up with the blade. One less thing to think about.

Black Project changed the blade size from 95 to 84 sq inches and the blade angle is now 10 degrees from 8. This is to give you a smoother cadence in the water.

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