Happy 5th Anniversary (To Us!)

Happy 5th Anniversary (To Us!)

On May 26, 2015 Red River Paddle was born!  We didn’t get our first sale until June 11th (a very exciting day)! and then slowly began selling boards and making customers happy.  We started off small with a focus on high value and rock star customer service.  Paddle boarding isn’t just a hobby for us but a passion – one which we love sharing with seasoned veterans and beginners interested in taking up the sport.  

Since our humble beginnings we’ve sold hundreds of boards and outfitted paddlers in almost every province in Canada. Partnering with Red Paddle – we’ve also sold products from great manufacturers including Black Project, Bravo, Blue Planet, Level 6, Seamax, FCS and more.  Looking forward, we’re especially excited that all 2020 boards now come with an astounding 5 year warranty!

To help celebrate our milestone, Red River Paddle is inviting you to our 5th Anniversary Sale!  Running from May 22 to May 26th  (or while supplies last) we are offering:

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported us and encouraged us.  We wish you all the best in your SUP adventures and invite anyone who hasn’t taken the plunge to try us out.

Happy Paddling!

 -Mark and Keith

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I’ve bought 3 paddleboards from the guys at Red River Paddle….and I want more of them. Our boards are a few years old now and have been through exceptional abuse. We did lose and old race model to the Caribbean sun but our others hold strong and I still paddle them on Lake Winnipeg. Great boards from a great local company.


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