Red Paddle’s 2015 Line Up

The 2015 line has been redesigned, culminating in a great looking and striking look. Color options have been streamlined, with emphasis on categorizing boards by usage. For 2015, Red Paddle Co has 12 models for surfing, touring and racing, ranging in size from 9’2 to 14’0. This includes the introduction of 3 new models – with some highlights below.


Red Paddle Co has revamped the best-selling Ride to three versions perfect for all-around use – the Ride 9-8, the Ride 10-6 and the Ride 10-8. Each of the three models features d-rings, bungee deck lacing and three fixed fins.


The new Ride 9-8 combines the best features of the 9-6 AllWater and the Surfer/Venus 10-0 to create a versatile all-around and surfing board for riders up to 80 and 95kg, respectively. With a 31 inch width, the Ride 9-8 is built from 100mm material, creating a responsive board that is 3.93 inches thick and fitted with the Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) for increased rigidity. Weight capacity is up to 180/lbs all-around or 210 lbs surfing.


The best selling and popular Ride 10-6 features the same best-selling features with an updated look and graphics. A classic all around board, great for cruising, small wave surfing, and exploring. Red Paddle seems to have decided not to change too much of what many consider to be the perfect all around board.  Specifications: 10’6 x 32 inches wide, 120mm/4.72 inches thick, capacity 225 lbs. 


The new 10-8 Ride is a revamped 10-8 Mega, appealing to families or the larger paddler. With a (now) narrower beam of 34 inches, and a board construction of 120mm material, the 10-8 Ride is a rigid, super-stable 4.72 inches thick, providing lots of buoyancy for beefier or multiple paddlers, while still maintaining responsiveness. Great for cruising, small wave surfing, fishing, and exploring. Weight capacity is up to 265 lbs.


The all new Sport 11 RSS joins the lineup, perfectly positioned between the Ride boards and the 12-6 boards. With a narrower width of 30 inches, a removable US Box deep water fin, rigid 4.72 inch/120mm construction and the RSS system, the Sport 11-0 is noticeably faster than the Ride series, yet easier to inflate and carry than the 12-6 models. This is a zippy board with great glide, yet is nimble enough for small waves. Weight capacity 225 lbs.


We are very excited to be selling this excellent selection of boards, please contact us with any questions you might have!

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