2020 Red Paddle: What's New, Changed, & Notable


Red Paddle Co has released their updated and improved lineup for 2020 - and there are many exciting changes!   Every board has been updated or refreshed.  With 26 boards to choose from lets dive in and see what's new this year:


  • New 5 year warranty! Boosting their warranty from already industry leading 2 years to an astounding 5 years, Red Paddle Co has by far the best warranty in the SUP industry.  This is huge!
  • 11'3 Sport SE: Joining the 10'6 Ride SE, the new 2020 11'3 Sport Special Edition has a striking purple colour scheme to help you really stand out on the water.
  • Sharper, more refined graphics on all boards. Every board has either minor or major changes in colors/graphics, marking them distinctly as members of the 2020 Red Paddle Co family.
  • Front Mounted Grab handles: Almost every board now has front mounted carry handles.
  • Ram mounts: Integrated into the new front carry handles are integrated RAM mount for putting on a Go Pro or other accessories to the front of your board.
  • Easier to understand symbols: Throughout the board, all instructions have been made easier to understand, especially on the label surrounding the inflation valve on the board.
  • New Red Originals accessories:  Some of our favourites include new dry bags (in three different sizes) as well as a new deflation silencer.

5 Year Warranty on all 2020 boards!  Red Paddle Co has always been known for their excellent quality and reliability (warranty rate is about 0.5% globally).  Red Paddle is the only inflatable SUP manufacturer which owns their own factory - meaning that they control every part of the design and manufacture process.  Their focus on quality means that every board utilizes the best available technology which is why each board takes 72 hours to manufacture.  Red Paddle's 5 year warranty offers much peace of mind as we know they stand behind their products 100%.  To get this unheard of warranty, simply register your board online after you purchase it.

11'3 Sport Special Edition  Although the 10'6 Ride is the best selling inflatable SUP on the planet, most people don't know that the 11'3 Sport is Red Paddle Co's 2nd best selling board globally.  A lot of people really like this board so Red Paddle gave it the SE treatment and decked it out in a great looking purple colour scheme. Differentiating it from the blue 11'3 Sport (see above) Red Paddle designed both boards not only to look good on their own but side by side as well. 

Upgraded Colours and Graphics. Red Paddle spends long hours meticulously designing, selecting and testing graphics and colour-ways. Taking inspiration from the great outdoors, boards have been designed to reflect their surroundings allowing you to get the very most out of your time on the water – year after year.  While all boards have gotten at least subtle colour and image refreshes, a few boards have more pronounced colour scheme changes.  The 10'8 Activ now has a beautiful teal motif enhancing it's full deck pad.  The Voyager family of touring SUPS have more rich and muted greens - allowing paddlers to blend in with the nature around them and to peacefully pass without notice or alarm through rivers, lakes or coastal shores.  And the new 9'6 Wild whitewater SUP has mixed blues and greens to better mimic the turbulent rapids that whitewater enthusiasts love to experience. 

New Front Mounted Grab Handles.  New for 2020 all Red Paddle boards (except the Whip and Compact) feature front mounted grab handles. These are perfect for helping pull in your board or more easily guide it through the surf zone.  Red Paddle has also upgraded their core handle (the one in the middle of the board). Utilizing a closed-cell core it allows you to carry your board to the water in comfort, whilst the embroidered Red Paddle Co logo means there are no rough edges for a long lasting exterior finish.


Ram Mounts are now integrated in the front grab handles.  Use them to mount action cameras, fishing rod holder, cell phone holders, a stereo, GPS unit - or whatever else kind of specialized equipment that you want to use to make your board perfect for you.  These mounts used to be only available on the Voyager line of touring boards, but now almost overboard has them.  


Simplified instructions and symbols.  Often it's the small details that make a difference.  This year Red Paddle improved all of their instructions, symbols, and icons to simplify and make clearer the set up/use/put away process.  In the example above you can see how clearly the inflation process is illustrated.  For new and experienced paddlers the attention to detail illustrates how every facet of the design is integral to the premium feel of the brand.

New Red Originals accessories.  Red Paddle puts out some of the best SUP-specific accessories out there and this year they are adding a few new surprises to their mix.  These include new dry bags (10 litre, 30 litre, and 60 litre), a new deflation silencer (to make deflation on the beach less attention getting), and even a new rumoured PFD.  Red Paddle tends to stagger their release of accessories so keep checking out our store for the newest arrivals.


These are only some of the features and changes you can see on the 2020 Red Paddle Co board range. We are excited to try out these new boards and hear from our customers on how they are exploring our beautiful country of Canada - and beyond. We have already have some Ride 10'6 and Ride 10'8's in stock with other boards to follow later. Our main big shipment is expected in February 2020 but we are happy to special order in boards anytime.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.


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