How to Series - Pumping up your Red Paddle Co Board with the Titan Pump

Welcome to the How To Series. Where we go over many common questions people have when deciding what board to buy or questions after they receive their board.

Red Paddle Co Titan Pump is a game changer when it comes to manually pumping up your inflatable board. But like any equipment, there are certain techniques to improve performance and reduce stress while using it. There are 2 techniques and 2 settings on the pump that will make your pumping easier and quicker.

The first step is to unroll your board, remove the dust cap from the valve and make sure the centre pin is in the uppermost position (up is inflate and down is deflate). Once that is done you can attach the pump hose to the pump handle, making sure you do not cross the threads and insert the other end of the hose into the valve. You might find the first couple of times the hose is stiff when inserting into the valve, but do not worry, it will become easier over time.

Titan Pump StopperThere are 2 settings to the Titan Pump. When the stopper is inserted into the handle, this will engage both cylinders and provide maximum airflow. When the stopper is removed from the handle, only the smaller cylinder is engaged and this provides easier pumping.

For the first 8-10 psi (you will know when it is time because it will be hard to push the handle down), you will engage both cylinders by placing the stopper in the handle. 

For the remaining inflation (to around 15-22 psi depending on rider weight) you will only engage the small cylinder by removing that stopper from the handle.

(NOTE: if your board has RSS Battons, remember to put them in when the board is around 1-2 psi. Like the hose in the valve, it will be stiff the first few times you insert, but will become easier over time)

When you are pumping, there are 2 techniques that you will interchange from time to time.

Titan Pump First TechniqueWhen pumping is easier, keep your legs straight and use your arms to push down on the pump handle. The goal is to have long continuous pump strokes.

Titan Pump Second TechniqueWhen pumping is harder, keep your arms straight, bend your legs and drop your body weight down onto the pump.

(Personal tip: when I am about 3/4 of the way done, I usually take a break and start to put away some of the gear I will not be using, or getting the gear I will be using readily. A quick 1-2 minute break is nice to finish off those last few PSI ;)

Once you are finished, remove the pump from the board and replace that dust cap. Not only are you good to go, but you are now officially warmed up!

Red Paddle Co has created a video explaining the techniques and pump settings. 

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