How To Series - Choosing Your Ram Mount

Welcome to the How To Series. Where we go over many common questions people have when deciding what board to buy or questions after they receive their board. Starting in 2017 Red Paddle Co includes mounting points on all of their boards. Here is a primer on how  the Ram Mount System can extend and enhance the enjoyment of your new Red Paddle Board.

RAM MountThe end goal of any Ram Mount is to securely mount any device to anything, while making it easy and infinitely configurable. They do this, for the most part, by breaking it down into 3 modules: The base, the arm and the device. Let's take a look at these one at a time.

RAM Tough Ball

The Base

The base module comes in a variety of different flavors that can attach to almost any surface. There are Tough Balls that screw into the mount points on the Red Paddle Boards, or suction cups that can attach to glass. There are bladders that inflate between car seats and rails that fit onto handlebars. All of these bases will end with a ball. (see here for all that RAM makes) 

Thankfully for Red Paddle Boards, only 2 are used: the 1" Tough Ball and 1.5" Tough Ball. Both of these screw into the mounting point on the board.

RAM Double Socket Arm

The Arm

Ram makes their system infinitely adjustable by attaching an arm to your base. Arms comes in a variety of lengths. Having 2 sockets on each end, it becomes the middle piece. The only acception to this are fishing rod holders. They do not require an arm and will attach directly to the base.

RAM Devices

The Device

The device module also comes in a variety of different flavors that can attach to almost any device. This could be a phone, finishing rod, goPro or even a cup holder. Each device module will end with a ball which will attach to the arm. Again, the exception is the finishing rod holder which will end in a socket to attach to the base.


As you can see, by having a modular design, it makes it easy to take your device anywhere you want to be. You could, for example, buy the x-Grip phone cradle and a double socket arm once. Then purchase a RAM 1" Tough ball base for your Red Paddle board, a suction cup base for the car and a bike mount base for your bike and easily use your phone with all three.

Check out what we carry in RAM Mounts to see all the different bases/arm/device modules that we have in stock.

Have a question? Contact Us, we are always here to help.
Happy Paddling!

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