How to Series - Rolling up your Inflatable Board with the Titan Pump

Welcome to the How To Series. Where we go over many common questions people have when deciding what board to buy or questions after they receive their board.

Red Paddle Co boards come with the best backpack and pump in the business. Let's go over one way to get the board, pump and even the paddle and leash back into that bag once you are done on the water.

When you received your Red Paddleboard, it comes in the board bag all nicely rolled up with everything inside. Of course in your haste you open it up eager to pump it up and hit the water.

It is only when you are done do you realize that you might have benefited to pay attention to how that board was positioned in the bag. Ok maybe that was just me ;)

Red Paddle added a new video on how to roll up your board with the Titan Pump. In 4 easy steps you will have everything (and room for the paddle and leash) in that board bag and ready to go.

Step 1
With your board lying flat on the ground, grab the Titan Pump, put it on the nose of the board. We are going to use this as a guide.

Step 2
Beginning rolling the pump towards the tail. Straighten the roll as you go. 
Note: the video shows the board completely deflated, in reality it doesn't have to be, as you roll, it will release the remaining air.
Tip: I usually keep a towel at hand on this process so I can wipe down any remaining water and or dirt/grass/debris. 

Step 3
Using the board strap provided, you can tighten it up. This will make it easier to manoeuvre it into the board bag.

Step 4
Now it is as easy as putting it in the board bag, using the built-in strap to secure it and zipping it up!

For you visual people out there, here is the video.


Happy Paddling!

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