Wind vs Current

Wind vs Current

Had an opportunity today to go for a paddle. My wife was running errands so it was a great opportunity to ride the assiniboine. She could drop me off a little ways out and pick me up down stream when I am done.

Today was a good day, sun was out with a little cloud cover, high teens in temp and a little breezy (or so I thought). The current on the river is very swift at this time of year, so I was looking forward to that. But as soon as I turned the corner on my entry point side river and hit the swift current of the assiniboine, I was blasted with a head wind. Drat. 

In most paddle water crafts because you are low to the ground, a strong current will always win over a head wind (for the most part of course). But standing 6'3" tall, I was like a big sale on my 13'2 Explorer. Not fun at all. Next time I will ask to be dropped off on the seine river where it is more bendy and enclosed ;)

So on a SUP, I find wind always wins over current.

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