Winnipeg Beach

Wanted to check out Winnipeg Beach with the family over the weekend. It has been a while since I last visit, and thought I could practice my Step Back Turn on my 10-6 ride in water that I am OK to fall in (and boy did I fall in ;)

I would recommend hitting the beach next to the marked off swim area (just beyond the rocks to the South). It is wide open and all types of water craft are allowed. 
I did not know this, otherwise I would have just gone there. The life guard came up to me saying no paddle boards are allowed at provincial parks. Which I replied I was at Birds Hill park last month and it was OK. He then replied no hard bottom water crafts allowed, only inflatables. Which I replied this is an inflatable. 'Really?' he said. So I showed him and let out some air. But then he replied still can't paddle that here. But then told me to go beyond the rocks.

I guess Red Paddle inflatables look (and I say feel) very close to a hard bottom paddle board. I can't fault the life guard, it is why I enjoy paddling them so much! I am also curious to know if it depends on the life guard on duty. We might have problems the next time we go to Birds Hill.

10-6 Ride
Winnipeg Beach


One last tip before I go. After a long day paddling at Winnipeg Beach, you must stop off for some ice cream at the Dairy Bee. Yum!

Dairy Bee

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