2 people, 2 boards and the Red River

Mark and I decided to tackle the Red River, it makes sense since it is this store's namesake.
So taking our 12"6 Explorer on a hot Winnipeg afternoon, we started at the forks and made our way North. 

The wind was strong and full in the face. But thankfully the current was in our favour. There were plenty of action on the water, from water taxis to speed boats. Even a couple of skiers and a small sail boat. A great time to be out on the water. It gives you a different perspective on the shoreline and bridges. Plus there were plenty of people fishing and just sitting by the water enjoying the day. Mark and I even answered some questions on what are we standing on and how far do we intend on going.

You have to love technology. Each Red Paddle board comes with a cell phone case. 3 Zip lock seals, dual side clear case and a draw string to hang around your neck makes it easy to set up my Strava program on my phone to record the ride. Thankfully I do not have a heart rate monitor so you can not see how out of shape I am ;)



Happy SUPing!

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