Bravo Fibreglass Paddle

Bravo 3 Piece Fibreglass SUP Paddle

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Bravo 3pc adjustable fibreglass travel paddle breaks down to fit nicely in a board bag (including the Red Paddle Board Bag). Injection molded fibreglass re-enforced ABS blade and handle and fibreglass shaft with easy adjustment system makes this paddle very durable and a good choice for beginners and novice paddlers alike.  This paddle has foam inside the shaft so it will float when assembled.

Bravo's easy to use lever clip adjustment system has inscribed numbers that make it quick and simple to change heights between different paddlers - as well as offering infinite adjustability.  This allows each paddler in your family to set the paddle perfectly for them - every time.

Fibreglass shafts are a bit lighter and offer more flex for a more comfortable feel and less shoulder strain on longer outings than less expensive aluminium shaft paddles. 

 See our Choosing a Paddle Guide for more information


Length 67" - 84" (170 cm - 215 cm)
Weight 950 grams (+/- 5%)
Max Length 33.8" (86 cm)

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