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Bote Travellink Sling

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The best and easiest way to carry your Bote SUP!  Sometimes your board is not close to the water and even though the carry handle comes in hand, it can be a strain on your arms (especially when the board is not the only thing you have to transport). Bote has a new patent pending solution, the Travellink Carry System. Every Bote inflatable board has latch points where the Travellink Sling attaches to.   The Travellink Sling gets you to the water with less energy expended, more comfort, and without dreaded 'dead arm' syndrome. Just attach the travel sling's adjustable carry strap to the latch points in the rail of your Note board and presto, you remove all weight from your hands and carry your SUP more easily and ergonomically with your shoulders and back. Whether it's long trips from the car or extended portages on your next expedition you'll wonder how you ever did without this indispensable accessory!


Length 47" (119 cm)
Width 4" (10.2 cm)
Weight 0.9 lbs (.4 kg)
Capacity 330 lbs (150 kg)