Bote 5pc Kayak Paddle
Bote 5pc Kayak Paddle

Bote 5 Piece Adjustable Kayak Paddle

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Who's it for? A kayaker looking for a dependable and good looking packable kayak paddle.

The Bote 5 Piece Kayaking Paddle is the perfect complement to your Bote Aero Kayak - or any kayak. 5 piece construction allows this paddle to be just as portable as your Bote inflatable kayak and the lightweight fibreglass construction and gently curved paddle blades produce both power and efficiency.  Extra nice touches like padded grips and drip rings combined with lightness to make paddling more comfortable and natural. Just pack it right in your Bote Aero Kayak bag and you are ready to go!


Length 92.5" - 102.3" (235 cm - 260 cm)
Weight 0.9 kg (+/- 5%)
Blade Fibreglass 645 cm2 / 100 sq inch