Black Project Glass
Black Project Glass

Black Project Glass Nylon Adjustable 3 Piece SUP Paddle

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The Glass Nylon paddle is a great all water paddle and a perfect upgrade to a standard Aluminium paddle. The flex is a little more forgiving than an Aluminium shaft and the weight is 790 grams (180 grams lighter than most Aluminium paddles) making this paddle easier on the body.

Black Project uses their Hex joint system to give a solid one-piece feel to a 3 piece paddle and has a durable plastic blade with rubber edge protector which makes it great for rivers or rocky bottoms.



  • Dihedral blade shaping
  • Hex joint for a solid 1 piece feel 
  • Fiberglass Standard Diameter Shaft (SDS)
  • Lighter than most Fiberglass paddles


Length 67" - 89.8" (170 cm - 228 cm)
Weight 780 grams (+/- 5%)
Max Length 34" (86.4 cm)